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Animals and life skills


Yarmouth Life Skills works with many different types of animals from the therapy dogs, that visit often, to trips out to community farms and even visiting our local SPCA. The animals are great for the Participants.

The dogs that come to visit are familiar with all of our Participants. They love to get the attention of our Participants and our Participants love the unconditional love that the animals return to them. Pet therapy teaches them about compassion and trust, in ways that people just can't.

The dogs that come to visit are just the start.  Life Skills Participants visit many locations to interact with animals…from the local farms, who host us and teach us about animal husbandry, to the local SPCA who graciously lets us visit to pet, play, and cuddle with the dogs/cats that are up for adoption.

We greatly appreciate that the pet-owner community are so supportive of our Participants, because when it comes to animals, we all speak the same language...kindness and unconditional love and acceptance.

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