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Yarmouth Life Skills

Please answer all questions as completely as possible. All information is confidential and for use of Yarmouth Life
Skills Staff only. Successful applicants will have an intellectual disability and MUST be 18 years old or older. 

Applicant Information

Parent/Caregiver Information

Present Living Situation

Select an option:

Diagnosis Information

Check all that apply:

Current Medications

Choose all that apply:
Will medicaton need to be adminstered during the day?


Is an EPIPEN required?

Level of Developmental Disability

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Select one:

Literacy Skills

Choose all that apply:


Choose all that appy:

Self Care

Choose all that apply:

Personal Interests

Choose all that apply:

Behaviour Challenges

Please list and indicate how these challenges can be successfully handled

Past Day Activities

Please list details regarding any past day activities, including program and school names and contact person(s)

Days of the Week Required

Choose all that apply:


Additional comments which may be helpful to staff

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