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We provide a diversified day program for post-school-age adults with intellectual and accompanying physical disabilities who can function in a 1(leader): 4(participant) ratio.


Our programming reflects our belief that everyone has the right to live and work with dignity. We promote personal growth and enhance social and life skills through community integration opportunities, small group activities and programming. We offer our services to adults who require ongoing social and life skill assistance.


Includes recording the date and weather, geography, money, current events, singing of O Canada and more.

Mariners on Main

Access to the gymnasium and interactive room and limited equipment in the fitness area.


Clients are supervised in making the dessert for the once-a-week Hot Lunch Program.


Once a week instead of bringing a bag lunch we have a hot lunch prepared by the participants.


Once a week, in a small group we walk or drive to the library and borrow books based on our monthly theme.


Each participant has a specific job that they do each week.

Life Skills

Includes communication, how to react with strangers, how to identify feelings, telephone skills, decision-making skills, money management, health and more. 


During the summer, Life Skills has a plot in the community garden at Beacon Church. Thanks to a grant from Community Foundation we are adding a hydroponic tower. This will allow the participants to garden all year round.

Sensory Room

Lifeskills includes a sensory room available to all participants, they received funding to improve this room through a Telus grant they received.


Life Skills received a grant from the Wellness Fund to purchase a Wii and a Wii Fit, participants are able to work out or play sports interactively in a group or individually.


Staff and participants walk after lunch on fine weather days. Clients are rotated.


Participants are given the opportunity to paint through paint by numbers or blank canvas. Also includes visits from volunteer artists.


Crafts vary by theme/ occasion. Many different mediums i.e. wood, flower arranging, paper, paint, and clay.

YLS Employability

Yarmouth Learning Strategies for pre-employment skills.

Pet Therapy

Staff or members of the community bring their pets to Life Skills to socialize with the participants. Participants walk, feed and interact with them.


We arrange outings based on themes, interests and holidays. Some examples would be apple picking in the fall, a visit to a farm, picnic park, etc.


Making a grocery list, checking flyers for sales, manipulating the grocery cart, finding the objects in the store, paying for the items, and putting away the items when we return.

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