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Our microbusinesses are designed to provide participants with ongoing social and life skill development. Learn more about our unique offerings below. 



Gift Tags

Making and selling gift tags from used Christmas cards. Each participant has a specific task they perform, including ripping cards in half, hole punching, measuring/cutting ribbon, cutting down cards to size and more. We gladly except donations of used Christmas cards.


The participants from the Employability Program deliver baskets of chips and chocolate bars to supporting businesses. This small program teaches supply and demand, customer service, money skills and so much more. 


Tabs are removed from pop cans and sent to Summer St Industries in New Glasgow to purchase wheelchairs. 1 lb or 3032 pop tabs equals $0.50. A transporting wheelchair is valued at $500 or $3,032,000 tabs. We collect pop tabs year-round and these tabs make their way to March of Dimes. The recycling of these tabs generates revenue that benefits the Assistive Devises Program through the March of Dimes.


A confidential shredding micro business that is popular with most of the participants. They are responsible for all aspects of “Shred It” from weighing the material to shredding it.” Customers will sign an agreement and can be invoiced or pay at the time of delivery. We accept Mastercard/visa/debit/cash.
All of the participants take part in this business, whether it is tearing apart documents to actually shredding. We have several large and small businesses and personal donors. The fee is $0.25/lb.

Refundable Program

We accept refundable (bottles, cans, juice boxes, and alcohol bottles). Participants clean, separate and count the bottles and take them to the Enviro Depot for a refund. This money is used for participant parties and activities.

Online Yard Sale

We offer an online yard sale in the spring and fall of each year. Stay tuned for more details.


Yarmouth Learning Strategies for Employment participants run a profitable “inhouse” canteen. This opportunity allows the participants to learn customer service, inventory, stocking, supply and demand, cash acceptance, and cash balance. 


Looking for the perfect space for your business? Yarmouth Life Skills offers daily and monthly rentals for business space. Contact us today to learn more about our rental options.

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