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YLS shredding

In addition to our Christmas tags, we also do a confidential shredding business year-round. We are open to the entire community to drop off documents for shredding. We charge by donation or 30 cents a pound. Once collected, we weigh it on our scale for payment.

Once weighed, paid, and in our possession, quality control sees our participants tearing the pages apart beforehand so the shredders can handle the load.

Next, participants will usually opt to shred as their choice of activity, as it allows for focus and productivity.

We have four commercial shredders and two smaller ones for participants who need to sit. They have learned many things from this job, such as emptying when the shredder is full, clearing jams in the machines, teamwork, waste removal, nature of confidentiality, and ability to focus on a task for a longer period of time. This business is a cornerstone of Life Skills programming and fundraising.


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