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YLS moving up

Yarmouth Life Skills is on the precipice of a new beginning. We have officially bought the building we have been operating out of for 15 years!

Additionally, we rent to the community Farmer’s Market, and also to another organization, Laing House, in the evenings. Space is also available for rent by the day for small gatherings and community purposes. Programming hasn’t changed, but much is in the works for new and exciting opportunities for the participants and staff now that Yarmouth Life Skills own the building.

We are already in the midst of upgrading our sensory room and making needed improvements to the outside of the building by putting a new roof on it. We are also close to revealing our new and upgraded logo, dropping the ‘for Disabled Adults’ part of our name and going forward with the simple, more effective, and modern ‘Yarmouth Life Skills’. We look forward to sharing all of the new and exciting plans both here on the website and in person in the building. We hope this establishes a greater connection with the community as well.

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