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The YLS Spook-tackular

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Halloween is year was a hoot with lots of fun friends and games.

Our pumpkin face race consisted of decorating our pumpkins with spooky faces as fast as possible.

Spooky bowling is bowling with ghost pins and a pumpkin ball. This was one of our favorite games of the day.

After lunch, the participants split into two teams to compete in the mummy wrapping contest. Where two participants volunteered to be our mummies and the rest of there team had to race to cover them with as much toilet paper as possible making them look like mummies.

There was also trick or treat in the building. It was lots of fun for everyone. Staff picked some of our rooms to stay in and pass out some treats to the participants who went door to door around the building.

We also had cupcake decorating. The participants learned to use oreos and icing to make sooky spiders on cupcakes for a creative and fun treat

All and all everybody had a great day full of fun and learning.


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