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Conqueror challenge update

Together, YLS has now walked a collective 108 miles as part of the Conqueror Challenge walking program. This has earned us three medals as part of the challenge. Thanks to the grant, and also the improved weather of summer, participants feet have seen more pavement while learning about and ‘walking through’ landmarks such as Mt. Everest, Berlin Wall, Angkor Wat. Currently, we are exploring Torres Del Pine and Estrada Real with our two groups. The app provides information and imagery of the places explored as bonus material to keep walkers engaged. This has made for a very successful program, seeing participants being active, learning about geographical landmarks, and also accessing their own community as visible and valued members. There’s an environmental incentive to the Conqueror Challenge, with planting trees and ocean cleanup parallel to distance walked. So far YLS has helped plant 10 trees and remove 5 square feet of plastic from the ocean based on distance covered in the walking challenges. It’s an activity that does well for everyone!


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